About Michael
Michael’s passion for leadership has been a part of him from a young age. His 25-year international career with top global organizations as well as his advisory services to the boards of several organizations helped him put his academic and practical knowledge in the service of others. His clear sense of purpose and drive to make a difference have always been at the forefront of his career, which are clearly portrayed in the choices he has made:


  • World Bank Fellow, senior international executive, journalist, and a scholar who has studied and researched Global Leadership at several universities.
  • Had a 16-year international career with Reuters where he lived and worked in 22 countries, managing and leading people from 47 nationalities.
  • Has written hundreds of articles on various international subjects. His writings were translated to several languages and were published in major newspapers in the world.
  • Served as the Managing Director of Reuters Middle East Ltd. and an executive board member of Reuters Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Chairman and President of the Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership
  • Conducted workshops on subjects related to:  Leadership, Authority, Strategy, and Policy-Making matters to thousands of top business, government, education, and NGO executives in countries stretching from the United States to Asia.
  • Advisor to senior State Officials.


Student at the American University of Beirut, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Princeton University, Harvard University and Maastricht University.

  • PhD Research Fellow at Maastricht University, focusing on Leadership and Governance.
  • Research Fellow at the Munk Centre for International Studies at University of Toronto, conducting research on the exercise of leadership across cultures in the context of globalization, international relations, and international diplomacy.
  • Visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.
  • Teaching fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
  • Was inspired by and the student of great minds such as: Prof. Michael Porter and Prof. Ronald Heifetz.

Leadership Community Involvement

Michael’s passion to share the experience and knowledge that he was given is a personal purpose that he dedicated his life to fulfill.

  • Founding president of Leaders Across Borders (LAB,) a non-profit organization committed to building leadership capacity in developing communities worldwide.
  • Former Chairman and founding board member of the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA).
  • Vice Chairman of the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA).
  • Board member of Harvard Club of Lebanon (founded in 1964).
  • Founding board member of the Council on Global Leadership (CGL).
  • Keynote speaker at the Central Eurasia Leadership Academy (CELA).
  • Keynote speaker at the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA).
  • Member of the US-based Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF).
  • Board member of the Geneva Center for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue.
  • Has been the opening speaker of the first TEDx event in Beirut, and is involved in speaking for universities and conferences in Lebanon, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Oman, India and North America.