Training is an Investment 14 September 2016

If you do not educate your employees because you are scared that they may leave you, you will end up with mediocre employees and a dying business.

Classical authority seeks to create dependence, often because it is too scared to actually let its employees thrive and possibly threaten its supremacy. Leadership is about creating independent employees who can act with autonomy, mastery, purpose and a sense of ownership of the organisation.

If a business is as good as the people who conduct it, then investing in the education and training of the team is actually an investment in the quality of the products and services that the business offers its clients, who keep the business alive.

-Michael Kouly

Lovehating Yourself 31 August 2016

Do unto you what you would do for those you love the most

We are creative in making beautiful gestures of love to those we cherish most. We spend time and energy inventing ways to make them really happy, and we rejoice when they are.

The opposite of freedom 29 August 2016

The opposite of compulsiveness and impulsiveness is freedom

When we act compulsively, this means that our emotions, not our awareness are controlling our actions. We are neither our emotions nor our thoughts; that are just a result of our brain processing experiences from our five senses.

Seek Growth not Survival 25 August 2016

If you are in a state of survival, few mistakes and you’re gone. To actually ensure survival, you need to be in a state of growth.

Survival means living at the edge of existence: barely enough food, barley enough clients, barely enough impact and so on. This is the worst situation to be in after personal, business or social death. Few mistakes or a change in circumstances where there is not enough to survive and all is gone.