Don't "work", create value. 28 October 2016

“Don’t just ‘work’, make life happier.”

There are people who work mainly to get to the money. There are others who work to build a career. And there are people who regardless of money and career, work to create value that makes the life of others happier. Of course money is a factor in all three scenarios but the point is about the main psychological drive for work.

Freedom, Leadership & Love 20 October 2016

People are yearning for freedom. Liberate them to their greatness. That's leadership, even more, that's love.

There is that little voice inside. The one that says, tomorrow I will be better. Tomorrow I will be stronger. Tomorrow my life will be different. People keep waiting for life to happen to them… Time passes… And they still have that little voice, that longing for something more.

Leadership, is about recognizing that need in everyone and helping them gain the courage to follow that voice TODAY. It’s about making them realize that there will always be doubts, but if they don’t start somewhere, they will always stand still. It requires patience and care for someone to recognize the untapped potential in each and every individual. Leadership is not easy, it requires many virtues and more than anything else, LOVE.

Authority & Leadership 10 October 2016

"Authority is about creating stability. Leadership is about creating purposeful instability." 

We authorize people to manage our lives so we live smoothly and relaxed. But over time this could turn into enabling dependency, apathy, routine and boredom.
Leadership is about kicking us out of stagnant and boring stability and creating an exciting mess that challenges our minds, and uplifts our hearts and souls.

What can you do to break the routine? To inject more excitement in your life? Do it now.

Succeed in Failing 19 September 2016

When you fail to succeed, succeed in failing.

I am sure that this will not come as a surprise to you, but you will not always succeed. There will be times when you have tried so hard and been so persistent, only to realize at the end that nothing of what you wished for came to fruition.>

But life is not about succeeding all the time. In fact, if you have never seriously failed than most likely, you have never really put yourself out there or done something of true significance. Everyone fails (learns by experience). Yes, you do too. The key is whether you are going to take failing with elegance and as a lesson to grow and learn from or are you going to huddle away into your personal hideaway, never to try again?>

-Michael Kouly>