Discovering your heart 08 August 2016

The best discovery of your lifetime is to discover what is in your heart.

Forget about social obligations, demands, responsibilities, pressures, stresses, financial commitments and the list goes on. Forget about all of that for a while...and think about YOU, the real YOU.

Moving Forward 25 July 2016


"The hardest thing about moving forward could be deciding what to leave behind."

Part of consciousness is to accept that everyday we have to leave something behind. Every moment, we are leaving parts of the past and dealing with our present. This is all made easier (in life and in business) when we have a clear purpose and are moving towards it. Only then will it become crystal clear what we need to let go of, and how to prioritize.

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Create a new future 19 July 2016

"Sometimes it is better not to be tangled up in trying to change the present. It may be wiser to create a totally new future."

- Michael Kouly

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Great CEOs, inspire people to almost volunteer to work for them because they give them three things:

1) Compelling purpose that gives fulfillment and meaning to the work they do.