Redefining Failure 23 August 2016

The definition of failure should be: ‘not exceeding’ customer expectations

Meeting expectations is dull, boring, far from remarkable and does not leave a story to remember. Of course it deserves a "thank you" but not more. Meeting expectations in business and relationships is actually the minimum requirement to avoid the expected conflicts that result from not meeting

Change the game 18 August 2016

Innovation will keep you going. To soar you need to change the game.

Don't get me wrong, innovation is great, in fact essential. But I don't believe it is enough if you are dreaming of creating a dent in life.

Innovation is about incremental improvement to make something better. It is crucial for survival and keeps you in the game because of the enhancements that you made to a product or a service to offer more value.

Living is negotiating 16 August 2016

There is a vast space between submission and rebellion. It is called negotiation.

People tend to look at things as black or white, either they agree or disagree, it's either right or wrong. When it comes to dealing with authority, the same applies, individuals either fully submit or rebel. In other words, you are either the company doormat, taking on every piece of workload and breaking your back or the employee that nobody can stand because everything, from the slightest offense becomes a scandal and a scene.

Dare to look like a fool, you might just discover yourself

We like comfort. We like safety. Most importantly, we like to look good. We spend so much time every day perfecting the mask, or the image of the person we want to be. We do this because sometimes the scariest thing is being vulnerable, making a mistake, looking weak or foolish. So we build walls, and excuse after excuse, just so we don’t have to go there, or do that. We live behind this wall for so long that we forget what anything else looks like.