Failure, disappointment, sadness, loneliness and other occasional painful feelings don't make you abnormal. Give yourself permission to be human.

In our societies today, people are sometimes scared of their own emotions. Drug companies have become rich trying to find solutions to what we deem as 'scary emotions.' We want to block them out, we don't want to feel and learn from our feelings. But the sad truth is if you block out negative feelings, you are also blocking out the positive ones: Love, bliss, happiness, and compassion.

It's time we stopped labeling our emotions as positive or negative and just see them for what they are; just an emotion, a wave that will pass through our bodies. It only causes harm when we start to see it as a threat or when we over indulge in it. It's not a threat. Life will toss you and turn you, but the key is to let yourself experience it and to remember, that just like it came, it will eventually pass as well.

-Michael Kouly