"Unless we change our mindset, in the next 100 years one of two things will most likely happen: Human species will bring planet earth to its knees, or planet earth will bring the human species to its knees. In both cases we are f...."

Fried?....Finished?....Just a few of the options that you probably thought of. Bottom line, mother earth does not need us. You know this, you've been told this. Give the earth 1000 years without us and it will be like we never existed.

It is time to wake up, to be conscious and take the needed steps to make a change. Stop pretending like you don't know. Stop thinking its not going to happen in your lifetime. It will affect you and most of all your children and grandchildren. Do you still want to remain passive or pretend it's not your problem?

Now, more then ever, it is time for acts of leadership.


Michael Kouly