Finding Your Hummus is a metaphor for defining and actualizing personal and organizational purpose.

This remarkable book will provide you, your colleagues, family, and friends with transformational insights about life and business and will unleash your personal and organizational power in a fascinating way.

• Shift happens and it will happen in your life and business. Are you ready to deal with the shift that life will throw at you?
• Do you, your people and business have a clear guiding purpose?
• Do you have a personal and organizational strategy to fulfill the purpose? Are you exercising self-leadership?
• How do you handle conflict, competition, and confusion?
• What is the prime philosophy behind starting and growing a business towards sustainable success?
• What is the mindset to lead a life of resilience, fulfillment, abundance, and significance?

Hummus is meant to be SPREAD! The same goes for the ideas of this book... TO GENEROUSLY SPREAD GREATNESS EVERYWHERE.

We will also to use the profits from your SHARING of this book to donate to charity so that the benefits of this Hummus would be even GREATER!

We are asking you to PARTNER WITH US to generously spread this Hummus to make change through sharing purposeful leadership ideas.

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