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Authority & Leadership 10 October 2016

"Authority is about creating stability. Leadership is about creating purposeful instability." 

We authorize people to manage our lives so we live smoothly and relaxed. But over time this could turn into enabling dependency, apathy, routine and boredom.
Leadership is about kicking us out of stagnant and boring stability and creating an exciting mess that challenges our minds, and uplifts our hearts and souls.

What can you do to break the routine? To inject more excitement in your life? Do it now.

Living is negotiating 16 August 2016

There is a vast space between submission and rebellion. It is called negotiation.

People tend to look at things as black or white, either they agree or disagree, it's either right or wrong. When it comes to dealing with authority, the same applies, individuals either fully submit or rebel. In other words, you are either the company doormat, taking on every piece of workload and breaking your back or the employee that nobody can stand because everything, from the slightest offense becomes a scandal and a scene.